Day 1: Late Night Rant #1

I've been thinking a lot lately about how money is actually nonessential and yet somehow, in today's society, if we find ourselves without it we're basically doomed. If money had never been created in the first place, nobody would expect a reward for giving a service or item to someone else. If money had never been created, everyone would just view sharing with or helping someone as an act of human decency and wouldn't think it was anything special. It's kind of sad how if someone were to knock on your door and offer you a heaping basket full of fruit, or to mow your lawn that day and didn't expect any reward, you'd probably be blown away because that would seem like such an angelic gesture. It really shouldn't be. Everyone should love and help one another. If the idea of money had never been conjured up in some moron's mind, we wouldn't have "classes". We wouldn't have people galloping around on their high horses degrading people because they are of "less value" than them. No one would be more "poor" or "wealthy" than anyone else because that would have never even been thought about. Countries wouldn't have monstrous amounts of debt to pay off, and therefore would be safe from a war starting because of it. Everyone could give what they had to give, even if it was only a loving heart. Everyone's talents would be expressed, and known, and not as many people would question who they are, or why they are even alive. Others would accept receiving these things as a normal, everyday act of kindness rather than a once in a lifetime experience, and give love right back. Life would be an endless spiral of happiness, peace, and love. There would be no greed, and everyone would be fed because there would never be any worries about financial stability, as there wouldn't be such thing. I am a firm believer that things that weren't directly provided for us, aren't things that we should consider essential. Therefore, the amount of them someone has shouldn't be the deciding factor on whether they are socially acceptable. Just imagine. Take a moment, close your eyes, and imagine how pure and beautiful our world would be without money. And that, folks, is why I hate money. That's why when I do have it, I like to spend it on donating to charities that can hopefully someday make this world into the love-filled place it could have been if money were never in the picture. Honestly, this entire thing probably didn't make sense and I most likely repeated the same things over and over, because it is 1:16 in the morning and Julia just felt the need to rant. So sorry if reading this was a waste of your time, but even if it doesn't make much sense, I hope you still get the point. I just feel strongly about the topic and couldn't sleep because I felt like I had to write about it. So peace out I guess.✌🏻 🙂

Click: A link that can help achieve a more accepting, peaceful world ❤️

Peaceful picture from the other night to top it all off because this is the type of person I am. *shrugs*

Day 8: Blueberry Picking & Fresh Flowers 

This morning we got up early and went blueberry picking at an orchard not too far form the old house we stayed at. We pick there most years, and they always have the most plump, delicious blueberries. I don’t know what it is, but something about my body composition won’t hardly allow me to eat any blueberries, or berries in general, (especially when they are served in the form of a pie), without getting terribly sick. Today probably only ate about 6-7 berries, because I knew from past experiences that if I eat more, I’ll probably regurgitate them all :/ , and I still started to feel a little sick to my stomach and had to lay down right when we got home. 

Anyway, back to the pleasant details. After we blueberry picked, we went to a farm where they sold fresh, handmade, squeaky cheese curds and bought some. We also took a trip into their barn to check out the calves and cows. 

We found a monarch butterfly who was lacking an antenna and had a piece of its wing missing. Here’s a picture:

 After thatout to lunch and then to a farmers market. It had live music and adorable little bouquets. Some lady grabbed the bouquet I had my eyes on, and I pretty much had last dibs on flowers because they were closing down when I finally bought mine, but they are still so beautiful. Flowers bring me such joy. 

Also, look at this cute little can from the drink I had earlier. It was a tasty drink and adorable brand name, so I had to snap a picture. 🙂

That concludes today’s blog post. Hope everyone enjoyed it! (If people actually took the time to read it.😂)

Day 7: A Night in the Countryside 

Believe me when I tell you that dancing to ABBA while doing the dishes is the most enjoyable thing. More to come later. Just had to express that. 

Today we ventured down to stay in an old house owned by some of our ancestors and I brought a friend with. We went on a long walk as the sun went down and befriended the cutest little calf. We named it Clover. Then, further on down the road, we came across a farm cat who was on a little strut along the perimeter of his/her farm. We named the cat Meadow because we were staying in the beautiful countryside that was full of meadows and rolling hills. I think it’s one of the prettiest parts of the state, if not the prettiest. 



Day 6: Painting, Baking, & Purity 

Today I finished painting the chair features in an earlier post on this blog. I’m pretty proud of it. 🙂

Then I babysat and they painted me head to toe and called me a “cheetah”. 

To top it all off, I made cute little cupcakes for us to enjoy while watching a comedy. 🙂

When I was tucking the kids in, one of them said that she could only fall asleep if she got hugged and kissed on the forehead. She then proceeded to ask me if I could do it. It was the most pure thing I have ever heard, and it filled me with love and joy. All in all, it as a great day! Hope it was for everyone else as well!❤️

Day 5: Perseverance 

I’ve realized recently that challenging myself is one of the best things I can do for my self confidence. Seeing that people are better than me at things pushes me to become the best I can be, and shows me that I can be better and can always improve.

 No one is ever going to be perfect at anything. I am very introverted and reserved and I don’t like being humiliated or feeling out of place, so it is hard for me to commit to anything. I tend to quit things because I succumb to the pressure and my mind overpowers my spirit. It tells me that I am not good enough and that I might as well give up because I am never going to go anywhere. 

I’ve quit lots of things, and sometimes I choose not to even begin things that I want to do out of fear that I will fail. Recently, I’ve realized that this is not a pleasant or productive way to live. I’m working on changing myself. I’m working on accepting myself. I’m the only one who can make changes to myself and for myself.  Other people can push me in the right direction, or away from it, but ultimately I am the only one who can choose which path to take.

 I’m choosing not to be a quitter. I’m choosing not to let myself feel small or insignificant. Everyone brings something to this world, and not everyone will be great at everything. I know what some of my talents and shortcomings are, but I am going to work to find out more. 

When I discover a weakness, I will no longer hide from it; ashamed. I will tackle it down, and I will beat it until it is no longer an issue. Until it is not a weakness anymore. 

I am strong. You are strong. Accept that there are going to be some things that are harder to accomplish than others. Accept yourself as you are. Yes, that includes your imperfections and sins. All those things make up someone who is wonderfully imperfect. They make up someone who is wonderfully beautiful, wonderfully capable, wonderfully strong, and wonderfully you. 

❤️ & ✌🏻,


Day 4: Bike Ride 

I biked 9 miles this morning and picked some cute little wildflowers while doing so. Then, when I got home, I started working on the flower I’ve been painting on a lawn chair, and I fixed all the little imperfections. I am going to work more on the chair later on today, so maybe I will add to this post. 🙂 It’s been a great, productive day so far.  Have a good day, everyone! 


Went out to the garden and discovered a ready-to-eat cabbage. I harvested it and decided to make homemade coleslaw with it and some carrots. (Homemade except for the sauce, that is.) Shredding vegetables is so enjoyable and a great stress reliever. Here’s pictures. 🙂

Day 3: Lazy Day 

I’ve been very busy lately, so today I took some time to myself and had a laid back day. Not really anything to write about, but I said I was going to post on here every day, so I’m not going to skip one. I will share some links to some inspiring & funny YouTube videos for you. 🙂 


Best at the end- https://youtu.be/GKVO_UUyqrA


The first tattoo is so clever and adorable. I want to meet that legendary man.- https://youtu.be/UIXxg7k5Ask

Day 2: 12 Mile Hike on the Lake Superior Hiking Trail

Well, today I almost hiked a half marathon. There was lots of steep, uphill hiking and I'm sweating like a hog roasting over a fire. I also have blisters on the bottom of every single one my my toes, and on the pads of my feet. It was quite the enjoyable experience despite the issues I just stated. I found lots of cute little flowers and unique things along the way. I'm going to share a few pictures for your enjoyment. 🙂

1) These flowers were adorable & smelled like actual heaven.

2) We found a little patch of wild strawberries.

3) Sometimes nature really amazes me. Take a look at the markings on this leaf. It almost looks like someone took a pen and drew on it. My Dad said it must be from the ants chomping on it. (There was a ton of ants crawling all over the bush.)

4) Beautiful view of the St. Louis River.

5) Some pretty wildflowers.

6) I held myself back, but I felt very compelled to eat these berries.

So, even though my legs probably won't function for the next few days, I had a great time.